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Checkout the coupon savings our Card Holders have realized below (these are actual filled prescriptions over the past 90 days):

Drug Name Generic? Qty Reg $ per
$ Paid per
% Coupon Savings
CLINDAMYCIN CAP 300MG Generic 28 $2.25 $0.56 75%
Here are other similar Prescriptions
CLINDAMYCIN CAP 150MG Generic 28 $2.54 $0.40 84%
CLINDAMYCIN GEL 1% Generic 30 $3.21 $0.95 70%
CLINDAMYCIN LOT 10MG/ML Generic 60 $1.87 $0.74 61%
CLINDAMYCIN SOL 75MG/5ML Generic 100 $0.70 $0.29 58%
CLINDAMYCIN PAD 1% Generic 60 $0.62 $0.28 55%
CLINDAMYCIN SOL 1% Generic 30 $0.67 $0.35 47%
CLINDAMYCIN LOT 1% Generic 60 $1.31 $0.86 34%
CLINDAMYCIN CRE 2% VAG Generic 40 $1.77 $1.30 27%
CLINDAMYCIN AER 1% Generic 50 $3.40 $3.32 2%

If you're having trouble paying for your CLINDAMYCIN CAP 300MG prescription each month, can help! The Card is a 100% free prescription discount card that helps uninsured or under-insured patients save off their pharmacy's usual and customary prices.

CLINDAMYCIN CAP 300MG Average Savings:* Up To 75%
(this percentage is the average savings experienced by users over the past 12 months - the discount you receive may be more or less)

CLINDAMYCIN CAP 300MG Printable Coupon Card works by leveraging the buying power of thousands of cardholders. We negotiate the best prices on drugs, and pass the savings to you! To get started, simply follow these steps:

  1. 1 - Enter your name & email in the box (to the left) & click Create My Card
  2. 2 - Print your Card
  3. 3 - Present your Card along with your prescription

If you already have prescription drug coverage, ask your pharmacist which is cheaper, using, or your insurance. Often times, prices are less than your copay!

* Discounts based on recent cardholder data. THIS CARD NEVER EXPIRES. Actual discount may vary from month to month.

What Pharmacy do you use? Our card is accepted at thousands of pharmacies including:

  • Walmart Pharmacy
  • Target Pharmacy
  • Walgreens Pharmacies
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • SuperValu Pharmacy
  • Sams Club Pharmacy
  • Duane Reade Pharmacies
  • King Soopers Pharmacies
  • Dominick's Pharmacies
  • Sav-On Pharmacy
  • Publix Pharmacy
  • Safeway Drugs
  • City Market Pharmacy
  • Smith's Pharmacy
  • Vons Pharmacy
  • Longs Drugs

  • CLICK HERE for the full list of pharmacies.

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