How Does MyRxSaver Work?


Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How can you provide this program free?
    A: Because of our large number of card holders, the pharmacies are willing to pay us a marketing fee for each prescription filled in their store. Therefore, we do not have to charge anything to our card holders.

    Q: Is this an insurance plan?
    A: No, this is a discount drug card program that gives you access to affordable prescription drugs through a national network of participating pharmacies.

    Q: How does this medicine discount program work?
    A: Present your card to the pharmacist the first time your prescription is filled. BioScrip contracts with the pharmacies in the Bioscrip network. The pharmacy agrees at a rate that is applicable to any person presenting a MyRxSaver Card. If you have any questions call the Pharmacy Help Line at: 1-888-299-5383.

    Q: Will MyRxSaver help individuals on Medicare?
    A: MyRxSaver Card will help individuals on Medicare pay for their drugs while in the "donut hole".

    Q: How does this program work for Pets?
    A: Present your pet's prescription along with your card to the pharmacist. If you have any questions call the Pharmacy Help Line at: 1-888-299-5383.

    Q: What prescription drugs are covered by MyRxSaver?
    A: All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered.

    Q: Can I use this card towards my insurance deductible?
    A: Most of the time MyRxSaver Card can be used when you are paying the full price on a drug toward your insurance's deductible. However, it cannot be used if you are paying a copay. We recommend you refer to your contract of insurance for specific answers or call the plan administrator.

    Q: Are there any age restrictions to using MyRxSaver?
    A: No, MyRxSaver Card is FREE to people of all ages, even including your pets!

    Q: Who is eligible for MyRxSaver?
    A: Everyone within your household can use the card. Since this program is not insurance, there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions, income or age, is eligible, including your pets.

    Q: Can I use my MxRxSaver with my insurance card?
    A: You cannot use both your insurance card and MyRxSaver Card at the same time. If you have an insurance plan that covers the drugs you are purchasing, we recommend you bring both to your pharmacy and use whichever one saves the most. However, if you don't have insurance, or if the drug you are purchasing is not covered by your insurance plan, we recommend you use MyRxSaver Card.

    Q: What are some examples of how much I can save?
    A: For examples of how much you can save, please see our price list.

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