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Below is a list of the most common Prescription Discounts received by our card holders over the past 90 days. Though you may not receive the same savings as listed below, many have received more!

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Drug Name Generic? Count Price Paid % Savings
CLONAZEPAM TAB 0.5MG Generic 68 $10.69 65%
CLONAZEPAM TAB 1MG Generic 64 $19.75 35%
CLONAZEPAM TAB 2MG Generic 65 $14.09 61%
COLACE CAP 100MG Brand 60 $19.00 96%
LINDANE LOT 1% Generic 70 $8.58 94%
NAPRELAN TAB 500MG CR Brand 53 $19.81 95%
NYSTAT/TRIAM OIN Generic 30 $8.47 95%
PHENTERMINE CAP 15MG Generic 35 $28.49 37%
PHENTERMINE CAP 30MG Generic 32 $22.82 35%
PHENTERMINE CAP 37.5MG Generic 31 $23.78 30%
PHENTERMINE TAB 37.5MG Generic 31 $17.27 51%
PROGESTERONE SUP VGS 200 Brand 30 $117.86 97%
SUBOXONE MIS 2-0.5MG Brand 20 $87.74 19%
SUBOXONE MIS 8-2MG Brand 10 $80.18 14%
SUBOXONE SUB 2-0.5MG Brand 17 $89.55 15%
SUBOXONE SUB 8-2MG Brand 9 $94.62 11%
ZOLPIDEM ER TAB 12.5MG Generic 24 $103.83 22%
ZOLPIDEM ER TAB 6.25MG Generic 34 $168.13 22%
ZOLPIDEM TAB 10MG Generic 35 $10.10 80%
ZOLPIDEM TAB 5MG Generic 32 $9.73 81%

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